Another SFW Public Newsletter, 6-5-2023

2nd edition!

Another SFW Public Newsletter, 6-5-2023
one of my first photos at UCSB College of Creative Studies
Another Public Newsletter (but with none of that naked fooling around) - museo de rbcdart
I was talking to a friend of my brother Bob. They asked if I thought everyone liked Sex. I answered most people, the rest are usually a sad conversation. After the fact, it occured to me that they may have been talking about pictures of sex... So I created this newsletter that is for those people…

Hello! The Ray street photos are nearly all posted. They are all public and meant to be fun as people came up with poses:

Ray St / NP Nights - museo de rbcdart
At one time there were quite a few galleries on Ray St. giving birth to Ray at Night... ah well. I had fun with Hank doing my blurry picture thing. He played assistant and sold his work on the side. He latter ran a pop-up gallery during Ray at Night. Historical Daily posts for Ray at Night will…

I think the bulk of Ace and my collaborations (to date) will be also posted this month as part of the Daily Historical Posts. The collaborations will mostly be not public but equally fun. I overlayed photographs onto Ace's drawings. Here is one of two upcoming public examples. Titled 'I see you.' It is a drawing by Ace of a child's face overlaying a photo of Ace I took just after Maria and I were married and living on Marengo with Jamie and Patty:

The next time this newsletter comes out I will be in the Sacramento area attending my frat reunion with Corrie and Sherrill. Hope to see a few old friends!

My photo drive crashed. I also bollixed my regular computer by using the Microsoft One Drive back up system. I won't do that again. I'll share if you are interested but...
The photo drive is probably recoverable but expensive. Making do with smart previews and what survived via more partial than I thought backups...

Here are a few pictures from the public side of museo de rbcdart (below the public link). if you want to see everything public (that I remembered to flag public) check out this link:

Public - museo de rbcdart
These are the public posts on site that I remembered to tag public…

Special thanks to the premium patrons (different levels) on, Fred, Larry, Dodie, Victoria, Corrie, Hans, Ron, Irene, and Mathias. ...! You are supporting the arts in a very specific way. For some reason Art Museums do not pay living visual artists like the Globe pays it's actors.