Another SFW Public Newsletter, 11-26-2023


Another SFW Public Newsletter, 11-26-2023
Another SFW Public Newsletter - museo de rbcdart
So I created this newsletter for those people interested in my non-nude, non-sexual stuff only. You know, most family and certain friends…

Well thank you Fred and Stu for your Faces Or donations, one of Fred's survived the process and I have a few more to work on. Stu's underprint is being redone. Hans is coming up with several NSFW ideas (God bless him) and Ano has an idea for an upcoming shoot using mirrors and old bodies. Frankly the SFW people are not making many contributions, (that's a hint).

I do know how to paint houses but have fallen into a vortex where painting my front door red has taken a week and a half... My hands are red with paint at 3:17 in the afternoon Sunday as I am waiting for the first coat (Aura from Benjamin Moore) to dry.

Going into heavy production for the upcoming Teeny Tiny Show at OMA, creating a frame for an artcard that will raise its overall price to $5oo or so, and finishing the couple with a wooden train series. Most of these are not safe for work and I talked about them in last weeks Baer's Complete Review. Sign up for that newsletter or you can see it on the web, ask me to comp you permission it you do not have it already.

Here are a few of my favorite images, pulled at random from (museo de rbcdart) and yes I am studying español one to two hours a day...