Another SFW Public Newsletter, 9-25-2023

olds out, new is coming in

Another SFW Public Newsletter, 9-25-2023
from the Hillcrest 'Walk in Art' work
Another SFW Public Newsletter - museo de rbcdart
So I created this newsletter for those people interested in my non-nude, non-sexual stuff only. You know, most family and certain friends…

Good Morning! It dawned on me that other artists I know are using Social Media and posting daily. Everyday I get a look at what they are doing or have done. If you like that sort of thing, (I do) you might consider following Fred Marinello (SFW generally) or Larry Caveney- Black Dog Gallery (NSFW occasionally). There are others of course...
When I get back from vacation (!!!) I will start releasing a steady stream of mostly SFW work on Instagram, and Facebook. I will not use what is now affectionately known as eX Twitter (oh Elon). This is a small time investment since everything is or will already be posted here at the museo de rbcdart.

Currently working on an idea titled 'Faces or.' Kay has modeled for video snaps, Stu has done some interesting things and Fred even sent me a couple pictures. Right now these are all miniatures (mixed media artcards 2.5x3.5"). Here are some of the Faces and none of the Or:

In a mad rush of posting I finally transferred all the remaining work from my Patreon archive to here ( One of the sections that filled out considerably is from the Hillcrest Walk in Art.
Tag link and a few of the images:

Hillcrest Walk in Art - museo de rbcdart
I participated in many of the Hillcrest’s Walk in Art pop-ups. Over time it was managed by several different people for the Hillcrest Business Association. While they had great ideas... First I was a guest where I setting up without a booth, taking pictures of people. Giving out photo magnets of…

Still kicking around images to include in Frames following Eric's suggestions. These (almost universally) will not be SFW...

Special thanks to the premium patrons (different levels) on, Fred, Larry, Dodie, Victoria, Corrie, Hans, Ron, Irene, and Mathias.