Baers Reveal, 06-26-2023

I am back in Santa Barbara (I hope)

Baers Reveal, 06-26-2023
Barry burning the letters in a beach ceremony after our chapter ended
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I am away for a reunion with my ZBT brothers and sisters (coming back tomorrow). The first one we have had since I left college. Long time! This group of friends shaped (warped) my life significantly and then rode off into the sunset. I am very interested in seeing how life turned out for everybody.

The time is approaching where my focus is going to shift back to the painting studio. The museo de rbcdart site is slowly filling up with past work, proofs, and odd things. I have saved from your donations about 300 dollars that I can invest in supplies. first stop will be more in the train series that have let sit during the creation of my museo. I will still continue both newsletters and daily historical posts for the foreseeable future.

I do not have a degenerative brain disease. Just spacey and forgetful, what a relief. Walking down a slope, not off a cliff.

Here are some hyperlinked images (cropped to keep this letter public). I had to write this letter early, hopefully the links to their articles and full images will work...


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