Another SFW Public Newsletter, 6-19-2023

3rd Issue!!!

Another SFW Public Newsletter, 6-19-2023
Sad Deity crying in the Garden of Eden (straight AI no blending in of my photos)
Another Public Newsletter (but with none of that naked fooling around) - museo de rbcdart
I was talking to a friend of my brother Bob. They asked if I thought everyone liked Sex. I answered most people, the rest are usually a sad conversation. After the fact, it occured to me that they may have been talking about pictures of sex... So I created this newsletter that is for those people…

Sooo, still working on AI. There are a lot of conversations going on in the art community. Being who I am, I'm all in. That is just how I approach new things. There will be sad relizations latter, editing of my stance, perhaps a sad shake of the head, walking away, and not looking back... but maybe not. I could give you a list of similar things... I think I keep doing it because it's fun and everything is imperfect (save a few things and moments). I have treasures in my soul from approaching life this way... not a lot of money in my pocket, but still, treasures I'll hold for a while.

My brain may be shrinking in a fairly normal way but the MRI turned up normal so, Yeah!!! I am this way naturally and will probably continue being this way for a while. No need for crash landing procedures.

Working somewhat diligently on the proofs for the 2018 Unofficial Art Fair at the Lafayette. They will be posting in the daily historical posts starting near the beginning of July.

Right now, I'm posting some collaborations I did with ACE a few years back. I used some pictures of them (way back when) and others along with their current drawings in photoshop layering. Here are a few links to the Public versions (some have stories...(:

I See You, 7-30-2015
reminded me of a greeting I read as a child (Heinlein?)
Ace with Banana, 6-21-2019
a banana well presented
3 Faces, 8-7-2015
Ace - museo de rbcdartAn occasional muse. When they come around interesting and unusual things happen. The banana booth is one example. They wish to remain anonymous.museo de rbcdart Kinda fun, once again a face overlay on Ace’s original drawings, but in reality it just added texture to the

And a few pictures from the Alley and Ace collaborations/shoots:


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