Baers Reveal, 06-12-2023

love the outfit Rob came up with back in 2013

Baers Reveal, 06-12-2023
adding a horses head with Adobe Generative AI
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The past couple of weeks has seen me enthusiastically embrace Generative AI by Adobe (yes there are caveats). This chat between Stu and I kinda sums it up:

close up

S2: I certainly wouldn't frame this and hang it on my living room wall. But I must admit it's a dynamic and interesting image. I'll bet this would sell! When you display this or offer it for sale how will you acknowledge the AI contribution? Or will you? Or should you? And if you indicate that some of the work was done by AI will that devalue the piece? Just curious......

Richard (edited): First, thank you. I do acknowledge AI in my work as another tool. Yes, it does devalue the piece. Right now, almost universally, (not just Adobe) AI programs automatically censor any work involving nudity. From what I understand 'gossip wise' and from the reaction of a few individuals, AI currently does not count as art, much like photography, and then digital images (earlier on) did not count as art. Still, artists and craftsmen tend to love good tools, speed of results, and process. I think Adobe's Generative AI is currently a mediocre tool (breaks at certain words or images, detail is too choppy or too smooth). A mediocrity, balanced in a very positive way, by its interactive nature, randomness and unique look at a word prompt. I enjoy the back and forth inherent to this AI process. I ask and then rapidly receive a formed suggestion from which I can blend layers (AI and non AI) to create the final image. Right now AI sketching is the most exciting way for me to talk story using those naked people on a stand that I have photographed over the years.

To look at a continually updating collection of my AI sketch work go to

AI Sketch - museo de rbcdart
As the tools become available in a less censoring way, I will be sketching with them. Generative fill in Adobe Photoshop Beta gives me hope. Right now, replacing heads, creating backgrounds, making up stories... a lot of drifting into the dreamscapes.

First a few photographs...

The links from the last two weeks:

Reverse Crab Crawling Ghost in a Burn Yard, 5-29-2023 (AI generative sketch)
Maggie came up with this hard pose!
Playful and Green Eyed, (generative AI sketch), 5-30-2023
Great session, Rob came up with some very campy and fun outfits.
Dancing Duo, 2010-1-9
good moves
An Interesting Trio
Man in white!
Dan, Anna, and Pup
a great art couple
Alley Dash, 01-09-2010
white balance was set by the splash of white on the wall
Another Public Newsletter (but with none of that naked fooling around), 6-5-2023
2nd edition!
Good Morning Moon, 6-5-2023 (generative AI sketch)
some things need work but it is a fun sketch
Bridge Troll, 6-5-2023 (generative AI sketch)
this is much better than the AI troll by itself
Man and Dog, 10-17-2009
man and his dog wandering down the alley accosted by a photographer asking him if he wanted a free picture…
Flame, 6-8-2023 (generative AI sketch)
Her eyes were actually closed. The looking at the camera is a process gift.
Lora and Friends II, 3-13-2010
fun bunch
Torso with Boots on, 6-10-2023 (generative AI sketch)
each sketch is such a journey from the figure shoot, pasts all sorts of landscapes, blending and then ending in a final story.

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