Man and Dog, 10-17-2009

man and his dog wandering down the alley accosted by a photographer asking him if he wanted a free picture...

Man and Dog, 10-17-2009
close up of dog
Ray St / NP Nights - museo de rbcdart
At one time there were quite a few galleries on Ray St. giving birth to Ray at Night... ah well. I had fun with Hank doing my blurry picture thing. He played assistant and sold his work on the side. He latter ran a pop-up gallery on Ray at Night. Historical Daily posts for Ray at Night will be a…

North Park Nights, was created in competition with Ray at Night.  I think it may have contributed to the death of both itself and Ray at Night leading to the rise of 'Beer for Many Nights.'  Artists and Art Organizers are not always good at working in their own best interests. Some very foolish things were said to me (Richard) at various times.