Kay making Faces, 8-29-2023

available (for a little while) underprints/miniatures

Kay making Faces, 8-29-2023
Process - museo de rbcdart
I am always testing, playing, trying to get things to the point... these posts are along those lines.

Talked Kay into doing selfies online and in video chat.  They decided I could share these.  I like the pixelation and the distortions that come with blowing up the low res image.  I particularly enjoy the expressions.  Video chat has an odd of sort of intimacy, miles away but very in your face and somehow disconnected.  Looking a camera in the eye is different than looking a person in the eye but it reads the same to the person on the other side of the lens.  

I made three 2.5x3.5" printed on Epson heavy wt hot press natural to use as underprints.