My Dear Patrons!!! (and interested parties), 9-4-2019

It was interesting and I had time with friends and artists

My Dear Patrons!!! (and interested parties), 9-4-2019
Patric painting in his office at The Studio Door
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Talking with Patric Stillman about having an art card event in October or November. He has quite a few high end modeling sessions already... any other ideas. I was picturing this as an event to present current (art card work) to each other and collectors having the cards available to trade, buy and/or as rewards for patronage. Parking is workable, any ideas what to do along with the art cards, potluck, artist presentation, collector presentation... life/photo modeling... something else? What would make it a no-brainer for you to participate? Patric's Studio Door is in Hillcrest San Diego.
(update) this actually happened and then the pandemic hit.

Stu Schwartz:
No surprise about this.....I like the idea of an art card event. And of course, if there's an opportunity to add a life drawing or photo component to the event I'd like to be first in line to Please keep me posted as I'll be doing quite a bit of traveling between now and December but if I'm in town I'd be happy to be involved. Thanks. S2

John Keasler:
Great idea! So you are saying the Patric has space at the Studio Door for such an event? I would like to see an event focused on ATCs alone without too many other activities. I would love for young artists to discover ATC trading. Let me know if you would like to have support of Art of Pride or the BH Art Guild.