Tainted Milk at SD Art of Pride, 7-16-2011

He traveled with and took care of an older companion in a wheelchair.

Tainted Milk at SD Art of Pride, 7-16-2011
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Tainted Milk - museo de rbcdart
I used this title for a series of interactive pop-ups and a one person show I had at SDAI. Tim Fields helped set the one person show up, did an incredible job. Tainted Milk refers to a milk tragedy that happened in China. Even the chinese milk candies I love so much were careful to explain on the…

I had 2 interactive pieces going.  The 'What are you Proud of sign' and Tainted Milk.  Normally Tainted Milk wass private.  A person writes down an obsessive thought, makes a nipple print over it, puts it anonymously in a trash can, I make a record, burn it, and then place the ashes in an urn.  We went public with this one, but, it was not the first one he made. The first one remained private.