Tuesday, The Day After 3/25/2019

so glad Roberta liked this one

Tuesday, The Day After 3/25/2019
close up
Pain From Below
So much fun working on the Epson Natural after the top layer is peeled off.

Hello!  Working on some large brushing teeth pieces... well 12x16 which is large for my current modus operandi.  The heart strings are pulling for those old 6' by 4' babies I used to do... Still where would I put it?  If you have any suggestions (polite), I will get on on one right away. I caught the COLD, as opposed to the flu.  I really wanted to put it back.  The storm lasted a week and was made bearable by sleep between bouts of Nyquil.  I fear it is one those hurricane colds with a calm in the middle followed by a repeat of sniffling hacking misery.  My blood sugar is once again inexplicably rising which is a barometer of oncoming illness for those affectionately known as Type 1.  Roberta came over and did the Pizza and Studio Tour.  I got everything out!  It was wonderful.  She is now the owner of 'Pain from Below' named by Stu Schwartz.  and an abstract collection of art cards.

illness. cold. sniffling. high blood sugar. GO AWAY!

Richard ChauDavis:
I am so with you on that!  It happened over pizza (Mountain Mikes) and a ' here's everything studio tour.' 2019

Roberta Kuntz:
Dont forget the dark beers we shared!

Richard ChauDavis;
Beer... one half beer each!