Art Cards by Richard, 5-16-2019

rock bottom pricing for booth

Art Cards by Richard, 5-16-2019
one attempt at begging
Promotions - museo de rbcdart
I will occasionally do promotion, offers, etc. Most of them are very good deals... I hope.

Okay, okay I am settling down.  At one point I was putting borders on everything, varnishing some and not others... charging the same for prints as multimedia pieces... phew. (updated)
Limited Edition:  Going forward means a straight as good as I can make it limited edition print.  I am not going to varnish or acrylic edge these for two reasons;  one, I have a very good printer and I like the results without varnishing;  two, latter on when I want to use them as underprints it is much easier.  $10-15
Original:  These are one of a kind multimedia art cards. Lot of sweat and tears, $10-15 ea.
Series: Generally, a run of multimedia art cards that all have the same underprint.  Each one is an original but is also part of a numbered series.  $10-15
Magnets: Actually made from a limited edition, original, or series but with a magnetic backing and clear cover.  $6 for small, $10 for large.

Below are booth signs: