Andrew Butler at Walk in A.R.T. (5-6-2021)

good conversation

Andrew Butler at Walk in A.R.T. (5-6-2021)
Andrew at hillcrest walk in art
Hillcrest Walk in Art - museo de rbcdart
I participated in many of the Hillcrest’s Walk in Art pop-ups. Over time it was managed by several different people for the Hillcrest Business Association. While they had great ideas... First I was a guest where I setting up without a booth, taking pictures of people. Giving out photo magnets of…

Andrew does not believe he photographed well had a long and interesting conversation about his life, 3rd husband (older photographer), IQ (148), and other things.  He seemed tired but was out and engaging.
This is a third look.  First was from the camera when I printed the magnet during the show.  2nd was the images I shared on Instagram.  3rd is now when I have gone back in and edited them.  These are all art card size.  In the future these images may be photo's or underprints on artcards or larger works