Another SFW Public Newsletter, 7-17-2023


Another SFW Public Newsletter, 7-17-2023
at 2011 Pride I also asked people to make nipple prints over an obsessive thought, I then burned the print
Another SFW Public Newsletter - museo de rbcdart
So I created this newsletter for those people interested in my non-nude, non-sexual stuff only. You know, most family and certain friends…

Well, I did post some pictures from the 2011 SD Pride Festival in the Daily Historical Posts. Got to thinking about the disruption that is occuring in people's lives from the enemy of the month policy used by some religious and/or political organizations. Transgender, Black Lives Matter, Prochoice, LGBTQ, Muslim, banned books etc. They create 'enemies' out of fellow Americans to squeeze wallets and gain power over made up issues that do nothing to make this community better. The rallying cry is often 'for the children,' which is a motivation that disappears in gun control, health care, and education policy under nonsense like 'we can't afford that.'

I won't go on, but, after looking at the San Diego Pride 2011 pictures I had taken of people holding up signs answering 'What Are You Proud Of,' I have come to love the phrase:

Stonewall was a riot, long overdue.

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