Baers Reveal, 07-09-2023

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Baers Reveal, 07-09-2023
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On the personal note, Maria and I are further developing our back yard so that it will have some natives... a beautiful mesquite tree has passed the 2 year mark. A fig tree (Lora's gift), something called a Chaste bush. Yard work has become my exercise regime for now...

After it was pointed out to me that it was Pride Month (sort of last month everywhere but San Diego), sheepishly, I have been posting from the 2011 Pride Festival where Roberta and I were asking people what they were proud of (waypo), did they want to make a nipple print in order to possibly get rid of an obsessive thought (Tainted Milk), and did they have any thoughts on an Art Gym.

A few pictures:

Here are the links to the last 14 days of posts:

Father and Daughter
lotta love
Leaper, 1-9-2010
This blurry picture is what I was trying for
Group of Friends, 1-9-2010
like the explanatory thought finger
The 2nd Hotel/Motel (unofficial art fair), 12-14 &15-2018
A very fun show to participate in
Art of Pride Booth, 2011-07-16
This led to a number of art gyms... and a good time.
Family and Friends Waypo! 2011-07-09
It was a promising warm-up
Art of Pride Artist Meetup, 7-9-2011
A great group
Enduring Friendship, 7-16-2011
I’m close to one and think highly of the rest
Tainted Milk at SD Art of Pride, 7-16-2011
He traveled with and took care of an older companion in a wheelchair.
Caring and Smartness, 7-16-2011
The more I studied them…
the ideal…
Silly, 7-16-2011, Art of Pride
another wonderful person
If I had slept on the train, 6-27-2023
not a pretty sight, I snore as well…

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