Another SFW Public Newsletter, 7-2-2023

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Another SFW Public Newsletter, 7-2-2023
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Another SFW Public Newsletter - museo de rbcdart
So I created this newsletter for those people interested in my non-nude, non-sexual stuff only. You know, most family and certain friends…

In honor of San Diego Pride (July), I will be posting images from 2011 when I shared a booth with Roberta, took pictures of people holding a sign, asked people about our idea for an art gym, and tried to sell work...

I just got back from my Zebe reunion. Traveling by train is great (business class). I think they should offer graffiti tours up and down the coast. Seeing loved ones after a 45 year separation is eye opening and wonderful. One person released their pictures for me to show on this site. More early stuff!

Below! From 2011 and representing the Artesia Chau's in answering 'What are You Proud of (Waypo),' Ed (Rikki in background), Ivan, and Simon.

Two of my favorite with Roberta before and at 2011 Pride:

Stu asked me to make this group look like they were jumping into a black hole, this is the original and what Generative AI in Photoshop helped me come up with. probably make a few changes down the road. If you have any requests? Working on another one for Eric right now.

Father and daughter stepping through the alley in 2010

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