Baers Reveal, 07-24-2023

shooting (?) naked S2 again...

Baers Reveal, 07-24-2023
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Who would have thunk? Gardening can be good exercise; love handles disappearing, breasts getting smaller. Insulin usage dropped by a third. I think a big help is doing the measuring by eye and using available bricks. My landscape eye is not that accurate... Several garden walls wrestled into place and then torn apart 2 or 3 times to make it better. Not using any mortar. It seems to be a good principle. Blocks, steps, bricks seem to migrate around the yard performing different functions over time. My gardening miracle, commonly known as the non-transplantable Mesquite tree is doing well. Lora' gift Fig tree has figs, and if anyone would like some cumquats, just ask.

Just heard Walk in Art is paying Brian Meyer a $100 to come and paint in public, brings me such joy! I'm fairly sure it was not my letter (no response) that helped change the offer from free booth to actual money. The world moves on and people figure things out eventually.

Dusting off the Studio, scheduled a shoot with Stu to create some naked body holding a blank photos similar to the ones I created with Ano. This is to create images for Eric, reversing the gender of the frame. Love these requests, if you have any please tell me!

The Historical Dailies are no longer going to be everything posted. I think that I want to move quicker so I will also be posting without sending out notifications again. Biweekly I will post links ( like the ones below) to everything so you still can see them (easily) if you want. The homepage also lists the my most recent posts until I send posts back to the dates they actually are a part of. The site index (top of page) shows the links for all dates and subjects.

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