Baer's Reveal, 03-06-2023

Everything is rolling now!

Baer's Reveal, 03-06-2023
close up of Three of us
Baer’s Reveal - museo de rbcdart
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Tonight! Another "Chat, art, web, life, whatever..." Happens every Monday 7 to 8pm (pst) until it doesn't, here is the link:

Submitted (wish me luck) to 2 local galleries. Cost $35 each but both of them are very active in the local art community and deserve support. Art on 30th is having a '4 SQUARE' Regional Show, and The Studio Door morphed it's '50 artists to watch' into a national show 'WORKS OF EXCELLENCE.' Some cropped and uncropped versions of what I submitted are below:

Right now I am working on Aprils posts. Redoing images (again) that appeared in the show Room Service (images from the No Tell Motel). Room Service will cover Daily Historical Posts for most of April. The rest of March will be a Wade or two, couple of Mostly Square Artifacts, and Dolls. Lots and lots of Dolls!

Posts from the last 2 weeks, click on one to see it in full. Some are limited to paid or comped premium subscribers.

Wade 8, 11-28-2018
The patching worked here as opposed to on one that shall not be mentioned…
Book #3, Rescued Dolls and Doll Mermaids ($100.00)
Book #3, dolls!
Three of Us 11/2013
personal favorite
Fate 11/2013
there is always a place to show…
Oops, 10-27-2017
two of my heroes
Elbows 12/27/2013
I like how their elbows matched up
Talking 8/29/2014
Maria and Ano talking, Richard snapping pictures
Wade 12, 10-12-2018
Sometimes things go abstract…
Wade 11, 10-12-2018
very satisfying piece to create
Wade 18, 10-12-2018
kind of like an airport greeter in the DarkSpace…
Wade 20, 10-18-2018
A winding road
Cocktail 2018
Cocktail and how it was created (not for the faint of heart)
Wade 13, 11-28-2018
kept getting more abstract…

Pictures from the last 2 weeks:

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