Baer's Reveal, 03-20-2023

News from the previous 2 weeks and what is upcoming.

Baer's Reveal, 03-20-2023
end page of Book #3
Baer’s Reveal - museo de rbcdart
A biweekly newsletter aimed at all audiences showing what Richard has been posting in the last 2 weeks. Links in the newsletter lead back to the original post on which may or may not be for all audiences. Baer’s Reveal is the default newsletter for all members.

Tonight! Another "Chat, art, web, life, whatever..." Happens every Monday 7 to 8pm (pdt) until it doesn't. I will come on at about 6:45 and talk about something until someone shows up. here is the link:

Good Morning!
It has been a wet 2 weeks. A good visit with Fred, a little light photography (robins!), and hours, days, weeks of organizing past work into folders on my hard drive. Doing this makes it easier to create books and make the Daily Historical Posts. In making the books and posts I am frequently redoing. The books are a square format, 8x8 inches. This book format encourages re-cropping, including photos' with paintings, and keeping the book to 20 or less images. In other words, making a new artifact vs just rehashing old stuff. Same with the Daily Historical Posts, definitely creating a revised and improved visual history... Sort of like colorizing old films or, as they say in the film and audio trades, remastering.

Fairly sure I did not get in the 4 square show... started yesterday and I must have missed the accept/reject email, ah well. No word on the Works of Excellence show at the Studio Door yet.

Daily Historical Posts for the next 2 weeks will be more Doll works. If you would like to see them as they are posted, change your subscription preferences at (you can also just tell me).

Made a book on some of the doll work (#3), $100 list, $80 for subscribers. Contact me if you would like one (signed with bookmark). Here is where you can preview the whole book, 2 of 3 are left:

Here are links to the Daily Historical Posts for the last 2 weeks:

Pink 10-1-2016
View of Pink 10-01-2016 and the original underprint
Pink 10-5-2016
Pink helped create several pieces
Green Door Drawer Liner, 3-27-2017
Thanks Tracy!
Hazel and One Foot at the Swap Meet, 10-26-2017
An interesting couple…
Smudge at the Swap meet, 10/26/2016
Another Kolby’s swap meet find
Harry Potter 11/3/2016
Harry was so cool and then ugliness became attached
Sally the Rag Doll (toy included), 2016-11-22
one of my favorite characters
Lenn & Rey 12-07-2016
Took the two to a beach
Major Kusanagi 12-6-2016
did several versions of Major Kusanagi
No-Face (chalk included) 1-10-2017
Love this Miyazaki Character. I think it was originally called Noh Face, but, ah English simplification.
Wade 14. 11-28-2013
another painting with all sorts of issues…
Workout 2013, 6-27-2013
Danny used the space available during ArtGymSD at SDAI to run his Featherweight Bazaar. It was amazing.
My Flower 12/26/2013
great couple, enjoyed their extended family at Art of Pride as well
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