Baer's Reveal, 04-03-2023

The museo news and some personal stuff on Richard as well...

Baer's Reveal, 04-03-2023
from the Boots photo shoot
Baer’s Reveal - museo de rbcdart
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Good Morning,
Talked with the Neurologist and while I do have an amazing shrinking brain, most of the symptoms I am experiencing are 'probably' due to sleep apnea. I am back on the machine!

Day before yesterday I was celebrating Maria's birthday with her and the kids. We saw Dungeons and Dragons, had a great time. Very happy with that movie. Love the owl bear and fat dragon, all the actors.

Re-upped my subscription to Hulu. I am having naked person withdrawals and High School DXD does much to calm the jitters.

Speaking of naked people, I have mostly come to the end of the Daily Historical Posts on Dolls. After a quick look at Table Muse and a pastel Linda Dorn did of me back in the day (wedding gift), I will be posting reworked versions of the images I created for 'Room Service (no-tell motel)' for my show at Flazh!alley Studio in San Pedro. It took me about 3 years but I came up with a show out of a few snaps. That is the show I came out to family, friends, coworkers, and the world in general as an artist that did sexual art work and used myself as the model. Did a book with some of the revised images $100.00 to the great unwashed, $80.00 to Subscribers. Contact me or Patric at The Studio Door for any of the recent books. There is only 1 left of #1 and Patric has it:

Cover of Book 4

I am still doing my Monday night chats where I come on early and talk about things I'm working on and then chat. I simulcast to Facebook for as long as appropriate. Mostly it has been myself, Fred, and Irene recently. Drop in to show off your work, say hi, or just be sociable. 7-8 pdt, here is the Zoom link:

Here are some pictures from previous Daily Historical Posts, and below that are links to the previous 14 or so daily posts:

Pink 9-31-2016
funny how bubbles in the varnish help…
Pink 9/21/2016
very much into tearing up underprints and gluing back on with Liquitex gloss medium and varnish at this point
One Wing 9/15/2016
love the background photo
Blue Collage, 9/11/2016
Love this character…
Book #4, Room Service (no tell motel) Redone
this is the third book I have created on these works
Boots, 8-7-2016
One Hand, 8-7-2016
both pieces found a home
Ray Street 2009, 2010
Ray at Night was a lot of fun for quite a while. Latter Art gave way to Beer, which is much more marketable and tastes better.
1st and 2nd Garage Floor Doll Shoot, 7-29-2016
Major Boots, One Hand, and Dancer (?)
Garage Floor 2 Blue Proof, 08-12-2016
in search of a doll that is closer to real…
2 Doll Shoot, 08-14-2016
like the old style doll with the new, I think they both hold their own
Madison Studio Shoot, 09-26-2016
wonder what happened to Madison…
Doll Bins at Kolby’s and El Cajon Swap Meets, 10-9 and 10-29-2016, Select Proofs
playing with dolls goes all the way back…
Short Video talking about Doll Process, 08-12-2016
Fun little clip, got me to formalize my doll use ethics.

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