Baer's Reveal, 04-17-2023

books, no tell motel and a few of my other favorite things...

Baer's Reveal, 04-17-2023
close up of Table Muse
Baer’s Reveal - museo de rbcdart
A biweekly newsletter aimed at all audiences showing what Richard has been posting in the last 2 weeks. Links in the newsletter lead back to the original post on which may or may not be for all audiences. Baer’s Reveal is the default newsletter for all members.

We are in the middle of a revisit and redo of Room Service (the no tell motel) here at 'museo de rbcdart.' There will be around 13 more Daily Historical Posts from this 3-year effort to create a show in 2007 for Joe Flazh!. Most of the originals are now in homes (2) or were recycled in Vacancy II as 'trash left behind in a vacated apartment by the former tenant.' The show Room Service was a coming out for me both as a sexual artist and sexual model. Here are a few comments by people that reviewed the work online before the show:

*Finally Richard, I have had a chance to contemplate then respond. I think your work is unique, but at the same time references AH (such as woman descending stairs and Muybridge.) I really like it. It is compelling. Kind of like a train wreck, it’s hard to look, and hard to look away. That tension in the work makes for interesting reading and contemplation time-it's something you want to keep going back to read more into... (Diana Jeon, ArtPolitics Discussion Group,

*Jamming of bodies and attitudes, visual energy refracted in the ether in multi-layered superimpositions, crudeness of the flesh in a sexuality that seems frantic through it, out of any control and measure, testimony inspired by the motels and the encounters taking place within in the anonymity of their impersonal furniture, with always a Bible lying around in an empty drawer. Incubus' Choice.

After Room Service, The Daily Historical Posts transition, briefly stopping with Studio Muse, to reworked photos from when Ray at Night was still going (2009-2010).

The portfolios/books (as I warned) have all doubled in price. I am creating a set of 6 with a holder (each layflat, approx. 20pgs, 8x8") . 2 of the sets should be available in a couple weeks. $1200 for non-subscribers and $960 for subscribers (signed, with expandable book holder, and bookmarks). They are beautiful 8x8" looks at different periods including Dolls, Miniatures, The DarkSpace, Room Service, Art Cards of Kay's first shoot, and Bananas at Pride.

Tonight is the last 7-8pm (pdt) video chat, I will announce the next online video thing latter. Over the past few years it has been fun, everything from life drawing, artist interviews, showing off work, to just talking with each other. I am thinking of doing another more focused thing... any input? Here is the link for tonight:

A few cropped photos from the past couple of weeks and a summary of the Daily Historical Posts below them, Most of the posts listed below will only be available to premium subscribers (paid or comped) as a nudity and sex filter:

Table Muse, 7-26-2018
lot of different features to this piece
Wedding Gift from Linda, 1982
An unbelievable and powerful time for me that has echoed through my whole life.
Room Service (no tell motel)
big show that led to all sorts of things
White Sheet, 3-27-2004 revised 2023
The one sort of depressing piece of the series…
Dreams 5-2-2004, revised 2023
In this version I desaturated the reds and oranges…
Counter, 5-13-2004, revised 2023
I like this version better than the original from 2004, less orange among other things.
Warm-up, 9-3-2004, revised 2023
a mishmash
Limbs 10-3-2004, revised 2023
This and ‘Foot in Mouth’, a lot of fun
Foot in Mouth 10-8-2004, revised 2023
Redoing this helped a lot…
Rump 12-9-2005, revised 2023
cleaned up some shadow areas, made the sheet folds brighter…
Lots of Legs 12-29-2005, revised 2023
The three rule is born…
Bed and Light 12-1-2005, revised 2023
reworked this one Monday morning around 2am
Beds 12-29-2005, revised 2023
I don’t seem to mind grain like I used too


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