Baer's Reveal, 02-20-2023

books and a lot of the 'Mostly Square Artifacts' these last 2 weeks

Baer's Reveal, 02-20-2023
close up
Tonight! Another "Chat, art, web, life, whatever..." Drop in, ask art questions, show your art, talk about whatever. Goes from 7 to 8pm pst (sharp). I come on at 6:45 and talk about something until people show up. Sessions are normally both recorded and live on Facebook but that changes if someone is having a bad hair day or we drift into stuff Facebook has said they don't want on their platform. Just ask if you do not want to be recorded or on Facebook. It is no big deal. Happens every Monday until it doesn't, here is the link:

Cross your fingers. I am waiting for permissions to show some of the first stuff I ever did with two friends. Warped me for life! I would so love to go back into these first negatives using modern tools. One complication is that I do not seem to have a good email for one of these incredible people.

Created another book (happens every month). I am using the money people give me (subscriptions/patronage) to cover costs. Buy the signed book direct from me or from the Studio Door, the price is the same ($100 or $80 for subscribers). My cost is around $40. Of course, if you buy from the Studio Door you are helping support two people instead of just one. The latest is about much of my doll work. Here are previews for all 3...

Book 3 Preview (3 signed books available around February 28th, 2023):

Book 2 Preview (currently 2 signed books available at the Studio Door):

Book 1 Preview (currently 2 signed books available at the Studio Door):

Posts from the last 2 weeks!

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Lena photographing Yoni (like Tony, Richard. It’s not that hard)
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Major Kusanagi, (Bits as background) 11-12-2017
funny that I use Bits as a backdrop for my video chats, fell back in love with it.
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Bridget in fey mode
Resist Fix Orange, 08-09-2018
Having fun dressing up and taking pictures at the old Brick Bar.
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Equinox Dance Troupe in the DarkSpace, Backs, 1991
This is backs, I will also be posting some from where they are in a circle, lined up, solo’s and small group.
Equinox Dancers in the DarkSpace, Circle, 1991
Lot of using tools to mask out hot spots, get rid of dust, snap the image clearer…
Equinox Dance Troupe in the DarkSpace, Line, 1991
The Dancers ended up using a version of one these for the show program
Equinox Dance Troupe in the DarkSpace, Presentation, 1991
A few of the dancers wanted to do more than just the group shot.
Mermaid Beach Shoot, 8-31-2016
A few of my favorites
Thinking 5/23/2013
love this piece!

and some pictures!

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