Sign Off, 9-19-2023

errr, on the shelf with this one

Sign Off, 9-19-2023
close up
Faces or - museo de rbcdart
A while back I made a small push for selfies. Not much came from it but I find myself turning back to it under the theme Faces or. Right now I am turning out Artcards (2.5x3.5″ miniatures) of either Faces or Asses, sometimes other parts. Frankly it is a lot of fun.

I believe the phrase they used was "okay I'm done."  I could have gone on for hours (although two hours does seem to be my stamina limit in a shoot).  

Multimedia underprint (Epson Archival), acrylic pens, and micron pens. Varnished both sides with Liquitex gloss varnish.  2.5x3.5" 330 gsm2 Hot Press Epson Natural paper.