Use the Phone, 9-18-2023

someone delighted to go to phone

Use the Phone, 9-18-2023
close up
Faces or - museo de rbcdart
A while back I made a small push for selfies. Not much came from it but I find myself turning back to it under the theme Faces or. Right now I am turning out Artcards (2.5x3.5″ miniatures) of either Faces or Asses, sometimes other parts. Frankly it is a lot of fun.

Audio in Zoom was not working so they held up their phone and gave me a look.  They prefer phone and (of course) I love Zoom.  We ended up using both.  

Multimedia underprint (Epson Archival), acrylic pens, and micron pens. Varnished both sides with Liquitex gloss varnish.  2.5x3.5" 330 gsm2 Hot Press Epson Natural paper.