Starlight Blurry Proofs, 10-9-2023

midnight stories

Starlight Blurry Proofs, 10-9-2023
reflection and trees
Proofs - museo de rbcdart
I used to print a proof sheet or have a whole roll printed into 4x6 pictures. Now I import into Lightroom to do basic developing and cropping where I can get an idea how to work each individual picture in a set. These are not actual proof sheets (I shredded those). These are basic images that I th…

At night I helped a Mom by watching their 3 sleeping kids while they went and got blankets.  Better sleeping in the observation car than coach where the padded table benches acted as beds.  I was thanked with a snack from their stash.  Latter on that night the person in the background (2nd photo) was wandering looking for snacks.  I thought about it and followed them into the closed dinning car, gave up the snack I had just received.  The conductor chased us both out back into the observation car filled with sleeping passengers... Earlier I had snuck coffee (in the dinning car) which I now assume had been left on for the overnight shift and not restless passengers.