Roots 6851 with Red 11-30-2019

compositing in this case is physical and digital

Roots 6851 with Red 11-30-2019
close up
Dolls - museo de rbcdart
So I am still in a doll phase. Did a body of work trying to work with it. Photoshoots at the beach with mermaid dolls, the park with more normal ones. Went to swap meets and garage sales trying to find ones that had their hair trimmed, face painted, etc. Hung Barbies on the Christmas tree for qu…

The underprint is taken from the Doll Shoot in Balboa Park. I then composited the images. The resulting prints were used as a backdrop for the doll holders I was creating at the time. I also created art cards. Two of which were torn up and went into creating this piece.

This artcard is multimedia; micron pens, acrylics, underprint, and has 2 coats of varnish front and back. The under print is on Epson 300 lb Epson Hot Press printed with an Epson Surecolor P800 printer. 2.5 x 3.5"