Baer's Reveal, 01-23-2023

suddenly color appears...

Baer's Reveal, 01-23-2023
Looking out from Larry's Garage Gallery during ArtGymSD at Larry's Garage, 2012

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Baer's Reveal
A biweekly newsletter aimed at all audiences showing what I have been posting in the last 2 weeks. Links in the newsletter lead back to the original post on (which may or may not be for all audiences). Baer's Reveal is the default newsletter for all members.
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S2 Eye, 08-09-2018
Enjoyed the back and forth with Stu on this. I am very glad he claimed the piece.
I Caught You Peeking, Garage Gallery, 02-13-2009
One of the best shows I have seen involving human sexuality, proud to be a part of it!
Stu and Richard 6/2013
Richard and Stu doing ‘Morning Routine’ during a shoptalk at SDAI.
All of ’Mostly Square Artifacts 2013 (+1)
A launch away from ArtGymSD and back to creating artifacts
Article II, Section 4, 7-24-2018
Cadmium red marks from fingers holding the piece...
Sexual Assault on a Paper Shredder (masturbation)
being human...
Leftovers at Lori Lipsman’s Vacancy II, 02/05/2010
The first trash show...
Microwave and Cantaloupe Process, 07-11-2010
I am looking forward to developing these images from 07/09/2010, learning new skills just to cope.
E Geb, Darkspace, Light table, Pumpkin, 2-10-1990
E Geb and a pumpkin...
Art Cards 9-6-2019
playing with fruit...
Take a quick look and tell me what does and does not work!
Dancers in the DarkSpace, Presentation, 1991
A few of the dancers wanted to do more than just the group shot.
A Week of ArtGymSD at Larry Caveney’s 4141 Garage Gallery, 2012
Very fun and it led to things... Supercharged some of the artists participating.

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