Baer Reveal, 01-09-2023

A lot of 1991 in the last 2 weeks

Baer Reveal, 01-09-2023
close up
Thank you Eric and Victoria for subscribing at the new Twin Red Envelopes level. Very appropriate as we have just passed the Solar New Year and are barreling towards the Lunar New Year 1/22/2022, Year of the Water Rabbit. Victoria moved her subscription up from WuFu Patron and Eric is brand new (but a long time friend).
Tonight at 7:00 pm (PST) is another 'If you want to talk, so do I... every once in a while anyway...' where art or anything is discussed. We start at 7 but I usualy sneak on early and talk about something artistic I am doing. Happy to discuss your art, my art, or whatever... here is the link again for the upcoming Monday night sessions:

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Since we last talked I have been averaging a post a day. I have been getting up between 3 to 4 am and mostly developing old negatives from when I was deep into exploring the DarkSpace, I have posted or updated a couple paintings as well.

Here are the links if you want to see them. Some are only available to Premium (supporting or comped) members because of that slight nudity or sex thing. 'All audience' pictures are posted below the links:

Cat Man and Fish Fish Person
A very tortured piece that got playful and I finally finished.
Georgia Crouching in the DarkSpace
exploring the blurry picture idea in a black garage with Georgia
Georgia Standing (mostly) in the DarkSpace
A few with Georgia closer to vertical
Georgia, White Dot Maker in the DarkSpace
Bashing the darkroom space with a wooden staff...
Pain From Below
So much fun working on the Epson Natural after the top layer is peeled off.
Kathleen Standing in the Dark Space, 5-18-1988
The vertical (mostly) pictures in my shoot with Kathleen in 1988
Kathleen and a Ladder in the Dark Space, 5-18-1988
I even painted a ladder black...
Kathleen Crouching in the Dark Space, 5-18-1988
Crouching and crawling in the Dark Space
Kathleen and Richard in the Dark Space, 5-18-1988
I think no lines were crossed but I still feel queasy
Published a Pocket Book!
Thanks Jay Abel for getting me to write this!
Dancers in the DarkSpace, Backs, 1991
This is backs, I will also be posting some from where they are in a circle, lined up, solo’s and small group.
Dancers in the DarkSpace, Circle, 1991
Lot of using tools to mask out hot spots, get rid of dust, snap the image clearer...
Dancers in the DarkSpace, Line, 1991
The Dancers ended up using a version of one these for the show program
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