Baer's Reveal, 05-15-2023

pins, books, shoot review, and Ray at Night

Baer's Reveal, 05-15-2023
The east alley off Ray St
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Soooo, that was fun. Angelica went there with Gloria Pool of Fire Dragon Photography. I have edited our Zoom meeting discussing the shoot down to a half hour photo review. All sorts of gender fluid, kink, puppies, and doing laundry is touched on. Very much an 18+ slideshow and chat. Here is the link:

Angelica Shares Photos of herself, 5-3-2023
fun kink

Completed a little pin project as a freebee for subscribers (free and supporting). I commissioned Lora to design and make a pin. She chose one of my photographs of Maria to work off of. I now have around a 100, neatly packaged.

If you want one, are a subscriber/patron, just reply to this email with a 'yes on the pin' and an address that I can mail it too. I'll cover the stamps and envelope.

My focus this month has been on the relooking and redeveloping the Ray at Night photo's I took in 2009 and 2010. It is a far more extensive and comprehensive presentation than any I have done earlier. The link (updates automatically) to the Ray St Series is:

Ray St / NP Nights - museo de rbcdart
At one time there were quite a few galleries on Ray St. giving birth to Ray at Night... ah well. I had fun with Hank doing my blurry picture thing. He played assistant and sold his work on the side. He latter ran a pop-up gallery during Ray at Night. Historical Daily posts for Ray at Night will…

My latest book project is finished. Turned into a 3 sets that include, a set book holder, 6 signed 8"x 8" books/portfolios, a couple bookmarks, art magnet, and a signed book of poems. Right now the books are only available as a set. Purchase from Patrick Stillman at The Studio Door for $1153.50 (Premium Subscribers receive a 20% discount). No individual books left.

Richard’s 2023 Portfolio Collection ($1,153.50)
A very diverse photo collection of work

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Richard’s 2023 Portfolio Collection ($1,153.50)
A very diverse photo collection of work
Angelica Shares Photos of herself, 5-3-2023
fun kink
Baer’s Reveal, 05-01-2023
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Art that’s often ethical, edgy, sexual, multimedia, performance, composite, naked, archival…
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It has been a year!!!
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another dancing couple!
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quite a group
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