S2 Reads from his book 'Lights on, Clothes Off,' 8-17-2023

Dr Schwartz wrote a book

S2 Reads from his book 'Lights on, Clothes Off,' 8-17-2023
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Stuart Schwartz - museo de rbcdart
Exhibitionist, author, experienced model, friend, muse. https://sdweg.org/blog/10735993
Free download of book currently available at https://lightsonclothesoff.com/ (8-22-2023)

Stu:  Hi Richard.... Thanks for the update on things...you have lots happening! You asked if there's anything we'd like posted. Yes please. It would be great if you would let everyone know that I'm available for readings from Lights On-Clothes Off. There's no fee and no selling). The readings are about 45-50 minutes followed by a discussion. Since the novel is about exhibitionism the host/group has the option of me reading fully dressed or me undressing as I do the presentation. I'm fine with either one. If anyone wants to contact me regarding this, please share this email... sesinca@gmail.com Big thanks.