Baers Reveal, 08-06-2023

next to last in the old format

Baers Reveal, 08-06-2023
close up that led to an art card series of three
Baer’s Reveal (a newsletter) - museo de rbcdart
A biweekly newsletter aimed at all audiences showing what Richard has been posting in the last 2 weeks. Links in the newsletter lead back to the original post on which may or may not be for all audiences.

Well my patrons, subscribers, family and friends, I am finishing up the Daily Historical Posts. August 29th will be the last. I am down to just 600 pages of material left from Patreon. I will finish those as fast as I can (much more than daily).
The biweekly 'Baer's Review' and 'Another Safe for Work' public newsletters will both become monthly. Baer's Complete Review (name change also) will drop it's 'all age/sensitivity' rating and become all inclusive so I can feature full images (instead of forcing people to go to the site and log in). This means that only comped or paying subscribers over 18 will be able to see it (please ask if you would like a comped subscription). The 'Another Safe for Work' newsletter will remain all age, no nudes or sex, designed for those that are interested in my other work.
So far my audience is all over 18. I am just tailoring the 2 newsletters to deal with my current subscribers and their sensitivities.

I will be having a grand opening with first 100 (?) paid subscribers (current subscribers are always eligible first) having their choice of one of three different signed prints (like the Norton Simon only better quality). Docent tours of the different galleries. Quick Commissions where you provide a word prompt and I use it to generate a background for an image from either the museo proofs or your own photo library (getting up to speed on AI)... lots more. If you have ideas for prints to give away or things you would like the museo to provide, reply to this email and tell me all about it... Heather, Stu, Irene, Eric, Mark, Richard, Mathias, Larry, Fred, Corrie, Victoria, Ron, Angelica, Kim, Patric...

I have been posting a lot in the last 2 weeks here is the list with links:

The Swift Artist’s Invitational Show, 1-14-2019
extremely touched and flattered to be invited to this show
Post Puberty (male) 04-03-2022
a gargoyle
Crow, 1-30-2022
3 Art Cards Anna and Samia Brushing Teeth 2871, 4-13-2019
champion teeth brushers
Ron Reekers has claimed Thigh, 12-5-2021
a better butt
So my ethics are composed of christian stuff... 5-19-2019
part of the picture is not the whole picture
Miguel inspired the work, 12-11-2021
And he was my former boss at Vista Paint…
Patron Elsa Chau has claimed ‘Old Tires’ at OMA Biennial 12-20-2021
Elsa and family has been incredibly supportive
Tuesday, The Day After 3/25/2019
so glad Roberta liked this one
DarkSpace Train #9 Cropped, 3-14-2019
keep coming back to this shoot
Art of Fred Marinello and Maria ChauDavis, 3-23-2019
very interesting show
Taking a break from scars and teeth, 2-27-2019
so glad I was able to do these shoots
‘Who are you’ inaugural ACSD show at Torque Moto Cafe, 4-26-2019
this one had a good run…
4 Artcards Anonymous B Breast and Towel 3067, 2-19-2019
did not insist on the scar being visible…
Year end Wrap-up, 12-31-2021
interesting year
My Contribution to Heather’s Muse Project, 2-19-2019
Scars (The word for Heather, supporting text below) Now past 60, parts of me are spent I was a prophet preaching I was righteous unbending I was sexual, polyamorous and confused A company man I now am a cold-hearted empath Repeatedly being broken and rebuilt A dry pond occasionally filling
Patron Fred Marinello with his art cards, 2-18-2019
a good friend, one of the best people I know
4 Art-Cards Created from ‘Anonymous B’ img-3086, 2-7-2019
showed scars... did not brush teeth
5 Artcards from ‘MW and AR Brushing Teeth 2787,’ 2-6-2019
MW or AR is the face in the background
AV Scars image 2815, 2-4-2019
bullet wound
MW and AR Brushing Teeth 2778 Collection, 1-28-2019
cool people
10 Small Edition Artcards, 1-29-2019
some of my favorites from the Unofficial Art Fair in 2018
Ashton Gallery ‘Beneath the Surface’ Opening Reception, 1-8-2022
Vic liked this one
2912, Hip Scar variations from the Hotel/Motel Shoot, 1-22-2019
5 versions
SBs Coal Worthy Confession, 12-15-2018
involved a fire…
‘Anonymous B’ Breast and Belly Scars, 12-15-2018
did a painting of this
NW Brushing Teeth, 12-15-2018
fast and furious
MG Brushing Teeth, 12-14-2018
Miguel always looks fierce
MW Brushing Teeth, 12-15-2018
a good teeth cleaning
MF Brushing Teeth, 12-15-2018
With the hair fling
Progress! The underprints are mounted, 1-16-2022
a little bit of everything
JE Brushing Teeth, 12-15-2018
nice earing, clean teeth
Playing with Trains, 9-23-2021
I like working with this concept
Kerry Miniatures, 1-19-2022
Working with Mark and Kim
Maria is taping paper and plastic wrap, 9-29-2021
it looked very cool while we were waiting for the drywallers to show
October Patron Newsletter, 10-2-2021
bunch of things happening
Finished Train Studies for OMA’s Teeny Tiny Fundraiser, 12-5-2021
all sold, so fun, did 5 more for 2022 and they sold as well
MW and AR Brushing Teeth, 2018-12-14
they do some nice photographic work of their own
Naked Muse in Studio, Sunday, 11-2pm (pst) 10-24-2021
Changed the background from white to black…
The Big Little Show, Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery, 10-24-2021
I like EAP a lot, a few things prevent me from participating with them more often
Aja Cutting Scar (post divorce), 12-15-2018
It’s been an odd week for Richard, 10-28-2021
going all over the place this week
November Patron Letter, 11-14-2021
Her New Choice, 1-9-2010
These 3 had history
Two Gal Friends, 2-13-2010
Out enjoying the neighborhood
Special thanks to the premium patrons (different levels) on, Fred, Larry, Dodie, Victoria, Corrie, Hans, Ron, Irene, and Mathias.